Help me raise money for Doncaster Cancer Detection Trust! :)

After the overwhelming positive response to this drawing I did of Sheffield – I’m selling signed limited prints (of 50) A3 size to raise money for Doncaster Cancer Detection Trust.


The MINIMUM price is £10 per drawing. I’ll cover all postage costs. Interested? Just donate to my JustGiving page  and email me @ (no spaces) your name & address. Delivery will be in bulk so will take approx 2-3 weeks 🙂.

The DCDT need help raising funds to help bring & provide Radiotherapy in Doncaster, as a Satellite to Weston Park, Sheffield, so the people of Doncaster & vicinity don’t have to travel as far each day. It’s a quality of life changer. And it’s something I’m really passionate about, for obvious and personal reasons.

I am constantly thinking about how I (we) can make the patient pathway and the care experience better, for everyone involved. I’ve been wanting to use my art background as a way to enhance change and innovation within the healthcare system – I’ve made the ‪#‎RADCARE‬ radiotherapy patient information app, I drew images to help Enhance Prostate Cancer Care & I’m using these skills to help us re-in-vision & make End Of Life Care much better for everyone. I made ‪#‎RONCrg‬ twitter revision group, helped to organize the RAD conference, spoke at Design4Health — all at hopes at using creative ways to help enhance healthcare, and specifically cancer care, without costing millions & putting the people at the heart of it.

My life has changed in ways I didn’t want it to change. I worked harder at art than anything in my life, though it never felt like work. I devoted myself to it, though it never felt like sacrifice. And to my delight, it slowly, ever so slowly, began to work out for me.

I am endlessly grateful. Those years gifted me experiences, skills, lessons, and friendships. I would not be me without them.

One day, after feeling shitty for so many months – I went to a doctors appointment and everything changed.

I faced two facts:

First, I had to sort things out immediately.

Second, I had no backup plan. If I died, I’d just die. I wasn’t sure I was living my life the way I wanted it to be remembered.

I’ve always felt like I wanted to make a difference, but was just walking around the periphery of any positive change. I’d have these high intellectual discussions of hypothetical things that needed to change, maybe I’d make a drawing about it, but I wasn’t doing anything to really change things.

I had so many plans that I thought i might not get to do or see. All my friends kids I’d never get to see grow up, all their new jobs and adventures and houses they were going to make.

I made a bucketlist.

I made a will (of sorts).

I made a ‘care contract’ of what I want if something happened.

Eventually things returned back to semi-normal but my body was/is still broken.

I realized I couldn’t have my old life back, things had changed too much to just get back to how it was. But I also didn’t want it anymore. I struggled to get back to it – so many things missed, but it just didn’t feel the same. I craved a new challenge; I just knew I could be the person who could use everything I had learnt from being a patient and an artist – and try and change this (health) system for the better. Something as simple as just listening to someone can make the biggest of differences, and I knew this.

I promised myself that through doing Radiotherapy & Oncology that I wouldn’t change – I’d still be an artist. And I think I stayed true to this, even though I have changed as a whole: I just practice in a different and new way that’s not really acknowledged by the artworld. And that’s fine & cool. I rest easier knowing that i’m doing things differently than others, so things won’t stay the same.

I’ve been thinking about how if you’re lucky enough to be doing work you love, (for me it’s art & helping people through their healthcare journey) it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s the best it can be, that you can make the world better.

Think constellations – not just stars.

So I hope my love of drawing buildings can help raise some money so we can help others have a slightly easier ride through cancer. Hope you can help me raise money for DCDT! MUCH LOVE & BIG THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT, ALWAYS.

Much love, your friend smizz!

PS: Leeds & Doncaster drawings coming for xmas time.

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