#NHSChangeDay Pledges #Quality14

Here’s some people’s #NHSChangeDay Pledges that I’ve drawn on Twitter recently. I think it’s important sometimes, to have an image to help communicate/reach a bigger audience.



pledge by @LAS_QI



The awesome #Hellomynameis Pledge by the awesome @grangerkate




Drawing all these pledges was only possible because of @respirologist sharing his!







@whoseshoes Pledge to help people living with Dementia



Make nurses be proud about their job @annabethAE




SMILE! By @thebestjoan



Think about the wider public health and wellbeing! @damian_roland








More smiles & hello my name is by @bexmoxon

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One thought on “#NHSChangeDay Pledges #Quality14

  1. Smizz, don’t know if the following is of any interest to you but here is a small sample of an article from the Daily Mirror, 19th April. 2014:

    Drug ‘helps stop Leukaemia spread’:
    A drug that stops cancerous cells from multiplying and spreading could be major breakthrough in treating Leukaemia. IBRUTINIB is not a cure but ‘will transform the outlook for patients. These drugs will effectively arrest the disease so that patients will be able to have a normal life expectancy”. Ibrutinib is in advanced trials but could be licensed for adults this year.

    Might be worth a mention at the hospital or doctor’s surgery to see if is any good for you.

    Good Luck

    Mary Steele

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