Trying to Help to try and Fight The Good Fight!



Hi friends!

Let me tell you a story.  Just over a year ago, I read “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” by the awesome Haruki Murakami, which inspired me to want to challenge myself to run a half-marathon. I made a tumblr blog, and bought a book on how to run a Marathon for non-runners, and even bought some proper work-out-shorts. I was deadly serious about it. The book convinced me if I had the motivation & strength to do that, not only would I be healthier and fitter but also I would miraculously become more organized, and get a way bigger drive & work ethic. But I never found out if it did that.

I fell ill with the same thing I’m still trying to shake off, & just participating in life in a normal capacity feels like enough of a work out. But! It IS still something I want to do by this time next year.

So in true-baby-steps, I’m doing the Cancer Research UK Race for Life again! In part to get me to my challenge that’s delayed by a year, but  mostly  because I want to run & raise money for everyone who has ever been affected, in any way, by cancer.

It’s been a tough year for me, but my whole perspective has changed because of it. I’ve never felt more loved in my life than I do now,  and I’m constantly humbled & grateful to be loved & supported by you my amazing friends & mom & bro.

It’s been a lot of needles, needles, needles, horrific burning & vomiting allergic reactions to MRI & Angiogram dyes, spontaneous nose-bleeds & bruising, painkillers that resulted in days of lost memories, a-everyday-all-the-time feeling of  being hung-over & jet-lagged at-the-same-time, bone ache, drenching night-sweats & 14 hour sleeps a day.  I am not sure about all that will come next. But I do know emotionally I have been changed. I find myself being hypersensitive to others struggles, both in health and in life in general. Every single experience is heightened. I notice things that I never even saw or cared about before. I’m constantly inspired by you & others to be a better person.

People have shared with me so many personal stories of fight. My mom had to fight it in 2000, some of my friends relatives have been diagnoised with this terrible & unjust disease recently. And now it feels even more personal. Even though it’s not. But it is.

Friends, this is for my mom, my family, for you, your moms, your family & friends and everyone elses friends & family. F___K Cancer, y’all. I hope you will help me raise some money for Cancer Research so that they can continue to help to provide support & care  to those who need it, & provide research into life saving stuff!

Everyone who donates, will receive a drawing from me. (Although I suck at mailing them out!). Even just £1, the smallest amount you can donate, is by no means the least important.

I hope you guys will help me! You can sponsor me at my page here:

Thanks for reading! Much love & super thanks for your help & support!
To belief & survivorship!
Your friend, Smizz! 🙂

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