“Can Someone Rub My Back Like A Concerned Parent, Please?”

I keep googling “Massage Doncaster” hoping that something will come up that doesn’t look like a dodgy nail salon, or someone’s home business or an upscale sex-shop.  (Here’s an example: http://www.twiggyshealthspa.co.uk/ Twiggy’s looks like something off the movie Burlesque) I keep finding this amazing spa place, but unfortunately it’s in Doncaster in Australia. Of course it is! Alas in Doncaster UK, no such luck.

I haven’t a clue where to start in trying to get spa-treatment or massages either. Like i’ve said before, i’ve never properly thought or looked after my body until i needed to. So internet! Can you help me out?

I’ve spent most of today in the  fetal position, unconscious, or feeling unusually sorry for myself. Why my body thinks it needs more than 16 hours of sleep in a day is beyond me.  The bone ache is still ever present but since end of December with the beautiful arrival of coughing up blood, my back – specifically across the top and bottom of my shoulders and across my shoulder blades has this irritant pain. It hurts to touch, and poke, but surprisingly rubbing it is a painful relief until the rubbing stops.  I’ve annoyed so many people by getting strangers and friends to rub my back. I  will literally rub my back on ANYTHING, like a stressed out cat. I’ve even massaged my own back on a cardboard cutout of a life-size One Direction. IN PUBLIC, none – the – less! Friends, this is so wrong on so many different levels, I know.

I saw my doctor yesterday. Of course, with Smizz – nothing can be normal or obvious so I have to have a MRI scan, see an ENT specialist and took quite a bit of blood. I’m currently in a super indenial stage of whatever is happening. I’ve literally buried myself in work and meetings and deadlines in order to kind of try and not focus on the pain and what’s happening to me. Last week in London, i did 4 days of moving heavy things around for hours and hours. I had about 15 nose bleeds over the 4 days. Linked? No idea. But i wanted to prove to myself that mind over matter can work. And trying to make a good impression and learn something new was enough distraction whilst working to not look like I was dying.

I have 3 website deadlines coming up: One for a friends new business, another for the MA Fine Art Course at SHU and another for the BA Creative Art Practices Degree Show. I just got some new business drawing for the NHS & a new potential opportunity to work with a special needs school in London &  a charity in Bradford. i love that images can help others to understand  ideas better!

F/O/R/C/E lectures is underway with our first few guests invited, and accepted, and now awaiting their recordings. And my brother and I are trying to raise money for COMIC RELIEF by doing a GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF STYLE CHALLENGE every 5 days! (We suck at baking so this should prove to be super fun and super funny!) Check out our page and please help us raise money for an amazing cause! http://my.rednoseday.com/sponsor/sarahsmizz

Also one of my collaborators Abi Goodman and I are back on form doing our “RE-Placed” project that we started nearly a year ago now on our Site Gallery Residency. where we met and instantly clicked! We’re back doing a cool project in Sheffield in PX on the 2nd March, but more about that laterz.

So with all this work i thought that perhaps, for once, I could actually put my body first and maybe get a massage or something that would help the pain? But I don’t know where to start! I don’t want to spend much money, but I want something sort of classy. I have no idea what type of massages  there are and which ones would suit me and my crazy condition? Can you guys help?

I will even pay a friend to rub my back. In a not-a-weird-way. Is it socially acceptable to pay people who aren’t even trained in massaging? Who knows. Well. On that note. I gotta go back to sleep! NIGHT! Looking forward to all the spam comments! Yeah!


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