Thanks to Y’all, I have raised & given over £750 to charity this year!

There’s nothing like looking at your Virgin Money and JustGiving account and Charity Tax receipts to see just how much people have helped you to raise money for great causes. The end of the year is perfect for reflection, and I think nothing is more apt than seeing others help others to help others!

Here is the Smizz Low-Down of all the charities I’ve donated to, or you’ve sponsored me to raise money for:

In November we raised over £400 for



In June I trained to run 10K for Cancer Research and with your help raised over £200



In October I raised money for Stand Up To Cancer

21823_10151287441576508_2076994482_nI have sponsored my friends to raise money for

British Heart Foundation

Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Western Park Oncology department

Children In Need

Help The Heros




Amnesty International

I sponsor a Child in Chile

I donated Blood

Bought LOADS of Big Issues

And of course My rescue dogs



And other charities i’ve forgotten about,

THANK YOU guys! You’re all amazing!


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