So, Smizz.. What’s poppin’? What’s new?

Things are getting exciting again! My constant reminder to myself NOT to waste time, or to really push against the ordinary, has helped me to forged some cool things out that I’ve been working on since Oct/November and will continue to work on way into the new year.

Firstly. I am working on material to launch a Monthly (to be fortnightly, but getting myself together before I promise you that!) Art/illustration/design/cool-ness newsletter! You can sign up to it here: in the meantime. I hope to have everything in place and launched by December the 1st! I loves nice people who make cool/great things and I love to share all the cool, geeky, passionate, art-y things that I find with YOU!


Secondly. I just got a year contract at Capgemini in London. It’s a dream come true. I’m so humbled to have the opportunity to work on some great projects in the near future in London as a ‘knowledge worker’, live-illustrating, and collaborating with designers, thinkers, writers, businesses and lots of other cool people. More on that soon, when everything has been sorted out. But wow.


Thirdly. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! It will deserve it’s own post. And rightly so. This year, with mystery illnesses and art and friendship and travel has been a big one! Needless to say, I’m extremely thankful that I am still here. Alive. And I’ve never felt more loved and supported by friends and family, and grateful to be! Tomorrow I’m hosting the second (due to demand) real traditional-American Thanksgiving at my house in the Donx. I hope it goes as well as last years did!


Fourthly. A very exciting collaboration with the very awesome artist and friend Paul Harrison is launching soon. F/O/R/C/E (Free. Online. Radically. Collected. Education.) We will be bringing 10 minute talks from artists/thinkers/activisits/do-ers  that are  strong in heart, generous in spirit, Daring and unafraid in content! Our website will be ready in a few weeks. But for now, bookmark it baby!


Fifthly. GRAVITY the lecture series and research platform that I work on has launched it’s online persona. Follow us on Twitter at @gravitysheff. We will soon be live streaming the lecture series, so even if you miss it or can’t make it into Sheffield – You will still be able to watch it online later on, and engage in the conversation on Twitter with our hashtagg #atmospherecloud. If you do attend one of the lectures, please join in with your thoughts/questions/suggestions/ideas/ect by #atmospherecloud it! More information at: 


Sixthly. Trying my ultimate best to make myself feel better, and be back to 100% health. I still feel crazy tired. Still having horrible nightsweats. Bone ache hurts more than ever. ect.  I feel like I’ve tried EVERYTHING. From environmental, diet, resting, excercising, healers, spiritual, sun, rain, cold, heat, multivitamins, more water, ect ect. Any suggestions would be amazing. Thanks internet!


Seventhly. I’ve been teaching at University. This is also another dream come true. I’m still learning what works, what doesn’t. What can I offer, how can I make the students experience the ultimate best.


And there’s some more stuff. But I think that’s enough for now.

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