Making the most of my time: The Roadtrip Begins

My friend sent me this awesome quote ina  great email yesterday:

“We shall never have more time.  We have, and have always had, all the time there is.
No object is served in waiting until next week or even until tomorrow.
Keep going..Concentrate on something useful.”   -Arnold Bennett-

As recently, I can’t get out of my head just the potential of the idea that I have less time in this life than what I bargained for. With everyday I feel more tired, or every stabbing pain in my abdomen or everytime I feel the enlarged lymph nodes in my neck & under my arms.  Although I am 100% sure I will be OK, as well, everyone keeps saying i will be OK in the end (including tarot card readers, and dodgy healers), it’s just about the ‘journey’ – or something like that. But I definately want to take quality over quantity. Any day, any time! It’s almost selfish, but I don’t care.

And that’s why it was imperative for me to do the roadtrip instead of going home a few weeks earlier like recommended.

The plan, for now: I have some time, and if I use it well, it will be more than enough. I want to do everything this trip, that I’ve used excuses for normally – like money, fear, failure, time, ect.  I’m going to immerse myself in the Pacific Ocean – which I haven’t done in over 2 years. I’m going to watch the sunrise and sunset in many different time-zones on different types of rocks and landscapes, I’m gonna make hobo-dinners (sANDY iSLANd thing), try food I normally wouldn’t, and write, draw and take photos along the way.

I want to gamble in Vegas, roll around in some beach sand, feel the infinite power of the universe from the skys up above in the desert lands of the south west. I want to eat some proper shrimp from New Orleans, even though I hate seafood, and dance on the streets.

As my friend Alex said the other day, I’m going to tick things off my bucket-list I didn’t even know were on my bucket-list.Image


FIRST UP —- PHILLY & DC – DAY 1. Friday. Get this bitches.

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2 thoughts on “Making the most of my time: The Roadtrip Begins

  1. Serre This was the year that I finally made it cross country what I learned was that I can’t wait to do it again but yes make sure you have your vehicle checked out because there are places out west you do not want to get caught with your pants down. Plan plenty of time drink lots of water and have plenty of rest. I went out (left from Western New York) with my best friend My husband met me in LA and we drove back going over thru Wyoming and South Dakota and dropping down. I have a lot more appreciation for truck drivers and was very in tune with my car even so we broke down in Reno and ended up buying a new car not our plan but was very blessed. Make sure you can laugh in every situation and follow your instincts if it feels wrong get out if things feel right go. I think generally people are good and I think you will have memories for a life time keep a journal for the pics you take one thing I did not do and enjoy keep us updated on your journey.

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