yes. i am running the RACE FOR LIFE to raise money for CANCER RESEARCH.



The question on everyones mind isWhy is Smizz going to try and run the Race For Life? 

The answer:  Because There’s nothing worse than witnessing a loved one, or a close friend, having to beat cancer. I have witnessed my mom battle with cancer & 2 close friends. This is for you guys, and your friends and family.
Cancer takes over everything! Your life, your mind, your thoughts, your priorities!

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When my mom was first diagnosed with Cancer, I was 12.  Years on, with every single illness she picks up, whether that’s just simply a cold, I worry like crazy. When I’m away I wonder if she’s OK. She is always on my mind.
My mom is the woman responsible for the cheeky, lack of common sense, all-hoper Smizz. The person who cares unconditionally for my brother and I, who gives me £6 last minute for a South Yorkshire Day Tripper because I forgot to get cash out of a ATM earlier. The person who always cooks me a meal & leaves in the microwave, even if i’m out, who calls if I need anything when I’m feeling poorly or sorry for myself.
There’s so much that my mom does for me. But I want everyone to know that there’s not enough words that can say how painful the thought of losing someone like this hurts,  & how grateful i am for her strength and Cancer Research & the NHSand just how much I love my mom.
Fast forward to right now, I am currently in the stage of being diagnosed with a mystery illness. For 3 months I have had constant dull bone ache/pain in my arms, shoulders back & ribs, fatigued for no reason at all, drenching night-sweats and an enlarged spleen.
I’m sure it’s not Cancer ! (really!), but it’s been suspected by my GP & now hospital specialist (along side other diseases!) – But I’m not out of the woods yet. A quick google search of these symptoms will instantly bring up blood cancers. It is for this reason exactly that I can somewhat sympathise with anyone who has had these symptoms before they were diagnosed  (at how life consuming and frustrating they are!) and can empathise with just how crazy and anxious the time waiting around between tests like CT Scans & Bloodtests can be. But also I want people to be able to see a specialist within weeks & get the care they deserve. I believe Cancer Research & the NHS do this but i want to make sure that they have the resources to do so in the future.
I’m running the Race For Life because I believe that the money raised in an invaluable resource in helping to cure & treat Cancer so we can have more time with our loved ones. Please help me to help this cause!
Every pound you donate really does make a difference – so please sponsor me now! Many thanks for your support. I know that together we will beat cancer!!!

Read my story and keep up to date with my progress on training and fundraising here!

I have a relatively low target to raise money as I only have about a month to do it in, but PLEASE donate so I can EXCEED THIS. THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙂

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