Gratitude Journal

A few days ago I followed a link to one of my awesome artist friend’s blogs (check it here). On this blog she wrote a list, now any regular reader of my blog will know I love a good list! On this list was a reference to an iphone/ipad app called Gratitude Journal.

Apparently with this app you write down five things you are grateful for each day in your Gratitude Journal and your life will change forever. Do this for at least one month.

I’m pretty sure life won’t change forever (i am a cynical Brit though). However, list keeping keeps me and my productivity and goals in check. The only major problem I have with this app is that – yes – it’s for people who are already RICH enough to own an iphone or ipad. Yeah. I’m guessing if you own either or both, your life is already kinda sweet! But never fear, just ‘cuz i’m so poor I can’t afford an iphone or ipad (she says typing on her sexy macbook pro) doesn’t mean I can’t change my life forever.

Plus who knows, if i really do have something horrible like lymphoma, then who knows how long i will be around for! I gotta start being (more) thankful and living the life i should live: To the max.

So here it is: The new smizz gratitude journal.  <——-


Lets see if my life really does change, foeverrrr. (Or at least my attitude 😉 )

The rules?

  • Each day write down at least five good things
  • Add photos, rate the day, record the weather and bookmark
  • Do this everyday for a month and see your attitude change

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