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I’m still feeling ‘under the weather’. (A saying that I sort of don’t get – think about it). Had my first ever ct scan on Friday. It was kind of cool, in a technological & expensive but this is still free on the NHS wonderfulness kinda thing! Mane, I love the NHS!

It’s been 2 months and a half since I started having bone ache, feeling really tired, night-sweats & since we found out 3/4 weeks ago – an enlarged spleen. And i still have all of this! Not going to lie, I’m so pissed off with my body that whatever it is, isn’t shifting or revealing itself in an obvious way so we can treat it. It’s really affecting my quality of life (tiny violin, please).

Regardless, I’m really busy at the moment (exactly why the fatigue is annoying me & my productivity). I’ve under taken a new project. More details soon. Gravity is becoming a big thing. I might even be promoted next academic year to researcher as apposed to research assistant. Yeah! Not going to jinx this though. I’m doing this video thing in 2 weeks for SOAR. I need to put the finishing bits on to some of the drawings for them before that. I have my ongoing collaboration with PhD awesome Harriet Davis, and my other collaboration with Abi Goodman from the Site Gallery Residency is starting to come together – we just got invited to present our practice at this conference thing. (Details in previous post). In addition to this, I have just got my new contract for sheff doc/fest – AMAZING. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity again. So I’m working on the drawings for the awards – and the Live illustrative mapping is gonna be DOPE this year at the festival. watch this space. I’m gonna work so hard for them, like even harder, because I’m so thankful for this experience again

Also, I send off for my USA work visa this week so I’m ready for when my Temporary contract is up! Boom. Who said i wasn’t organized?

Speaking of being organized. I’ve given myself a strict work schedule so I can get all my freelance work done & to a high standard whilst working my day job  under my mystery illness. If this goes like I hope it will, dude, my art-practice is gonna be like worrrrdddd! WORK!

Best of smizz:



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