Livin’ the Life of a Smizz.

It’s been a busy week for the Smizz. I wrote my first commissioned travel article (will post link soon as I get the A-OK from my editor), I wrote my first cover-letter that I was kind of in a sort of weird way pleased with (as pleased as you can be with a mediocre cover letter & the fact that i’ll never get the job!), I joined RunKeeper to document my excerise on my sexy fixed gear bike (when i remember to log it).

It’s the opening of LoveBytes in Sheffield tomorrow. This should prove to be a dope festival this year. What I’m mostly excited about is the Pattern Discovery event. It’s an evening of extreme electronic music, collaboration and improvisation curated by Sheffield artists Mark Fell and Mat Steel and featuring Bruce Gilbert, Russell Haswell, and R/S (Peter Rehberg and Marcus Schmickler), plus access to a multichannel installation by Jana Winderen. This is on Saturday at Channing Hall.

Then after that is this exhibition / party at S1 Artspace. The poster is something to feast your eyes on!

Of course before awesome pixel-ghostness, I am Live Drawing what makes Firth Park’s community positive and awesome this Saturday. I’m super nervous, hopefully it will go well & look rad. It should prove to be a great day out for the family. Good ol’ fashion fun witha  twist!

And I am now one step closer to finding out what is WRONG WITH ME, medically.

I’m currently being treated for B12 deficiency  & Iron Anemia. I had bloodtests like 2.5 weeks ago, and they got lost for a while (sent to the wrong medical center) then the women over the phone told me I had low something and a high white blood cell count but it’s all nothing to worry about, on friday. (NEVER GOOGLE THIS STUFF, oh man) I saw my GP today (you know, no rush), and she was super nice & helpful, but still really no solution to my bone aches and pains & fatigue. We’re going with my higher than normal WBC as an indication of a virus, post viral with a side of anemia – NOT other life threatening diseases that have the same symptoms as mine .  So we left it at that &  had some medical treatment.  I went to work afterwards and came home to a voice message from my GP to give her a call back asap. I got the message after 6pm today. I ain’t gonna lie, a tiny bit freaked out, but mostly because of the paranoia i’ve read up on nurse-net or medical dr online, Yahoo answers or wikipedia. As if they’re reliable sources. god no.  but it’s like crack.  Every time i sort of yelp from dull stabbing hallow pain in my bones, i do another google search. She could have just said what she wanted to say on the message, no?

It’s got to the point that I can’t book my flights to America (was going to do so today), because  i’m pretty sure my cheap-ass flights are non-fundable! (you know, if there was something super wrong with me) #firstworldproblems

Anyways, that’s this weeks Smizz round up – a day in the life of. Here’s some things i’m loving at the moment!

Uday Kak

Another Something & Company


Michael Kiwanuka – I’m Getting Ready

Summer Camp – Losing My Mind

Erasure – Fill Us With Fire


10 O’Clock Live

The Apprentice

Happy Endings


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