What’s going on with me.

It’s been a small while since I last blogged. Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will know i’ve been poorly/ill/sick.  And still am. Everytime I start getting my artworking life back in order something else happens.

I’ve been having bone ache, almost constantly for 3 weeks. It’s coming up to a month soon! It started almost immediately after my Site Residency finished (thankfully!) Although thinking back, there were signs of whatever I have there too – but I just thought I was simply tired from working late, exchanging lots of ideas & keeping down my other jobs.

I have night-sweats (like wake up soaked), my arms specifically feel like something is stabbing/eating away at me with pins and have a numbness about them like when you’re donating blood & the needle gets really uncomfortable, i’m fatigued for no reason at all, i’ve lost my appetite (some days it’s there though),   sometimes I’m super breathless – not like i can’t breathe but like i’ve not got enough oxygen and i have bizar heart-palpitations which from time to time make me feel really light headed & fainty. And yet i’m totally 100% in myself! Like i can do everything, go to work, ride my bike, finish stuff, i look ok,  just not to my usual energy levels.  I took painkillers prescribed by this hot doctor, but they made me 100% worse. I had an alergic reaction to them. Who knew?!

My second Dr tried to make out that I was depressed. LOL. This is not the case!  (i looked the other symptoms of feeling depressed and I don’t feel sad) Or stressed/anxious. And for those people who do suffer from the above: I SALUTE YOU! if you have the deal with the above regularly! Having been stressed/anxious i know the above is also not that.

People say its because i’ve cut Coca-Cola out of my life. I’m sure it’s not that. It’s been 2.5 months and I’m drinking the equivalent – Tea, and ribenna/Lucazade. Originally we thought it was a virus, but after feeling constantly the same – i had some bloodtests. I’m just waiting for the outcome. So if you do follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter. Here is my apology for constantly moaning. And by Tuesday we should have diagnosis! And some peace & quiet from the hypacondria.

Yeah! And to my friends, thanks for being supportive! I honestly can say that i’ve NEVER felt like this in my life.



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