Site Gallery Residency, so far.


There’s 10 individual artists who got a Site Residency. We came with our own proposals. We can still do our own proposals. But where would be the fun in that? NO FUN! Especially, when like me, you love collaborating. Creating a critical discourse around something: whether that is indeed #class or the artworld, or politics, or education, ect ect.

What is even better though is this really gives me a great platform to test some of my ideas about the criticality in collaborating and being in a collective. So Abi Goodman ( and I realized we’re totally more-or-less into the same stuff & have combined our residency together. This is gonna prove to be super fun.

Anyways,  that’s enough for today. I will be posting tomorrow our proposal and what we NEED YOU to do. (or would like you to contribute/participate, to put it in a nice hosting way hehe)

COME AND JOIN US FOR 2 WEEKS FROM 2MOZ at Site Gallery, Sheffield.

You can keep up to date with this project at (it’s a great resource for anyone who wants a basic understanding into participant, socially led-, collective, critical discourse, ect ect art work/practices).



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