THE SLAM IS BACK! ‘NOW IS NOW’ 1st Feb – 7:30pm, Bloc Projects, Sheffield. FREE


Do you remember SlamJam, followers? Do you even remember CAKE? After months of cruel neglect, or as we would call it re-branding, re-structuring, re-analyzing, I wouldn’t blame anyone who might turn tail in search of other, more dependable art-project-spaces, esp. in Sheffield. But this is what happens when you and your collective-team-mates, like jerks, leave everything and everyone you know behind for a new job in a new country for a bit, then have to work long hours away from the hub of it all. These past few months have seen more changes in CAKEs life than I could ever have anticipated – mostly exciting, some heartbreaking. I intend to resume a dependable regime of posting, and events and discussions in order to document what happens next. Can you forgive us? I hope so. Let’s do this thing.



WHERE: Bloc Projects, 71 Eyre Lane, Sheffield S1 4RB

WHEN: 1st FEB 2012, 7:30pm

OTHER INFO:  OPEN-MIC but book your place for a definate spot by emailing: FREE. CHEAP BOOZE. AMAZING TALENT. GREAT TIMES.


SLAM (JAM) is a bi annual slam poetry and performance night. Started as an event to involve audience members as well as an open platform to share existential and poetic actions, SLAM became an exciting improv night of performance and community.

Starting with a line – up of already confirmed impressive performers, the poets/artists/amazing folks who participate  usually create an ecstatic environment that makes the rest of the audience (YOU) want to get up and perform. We engage such a great community that there aren’t any feelings of being inferior, or any need to worry about failing. There’s not a competitive edge, but more an equal platform to experiment on. In just one moment  at SLAM-JAM, you can get up, and test, practice or perform something, an idea, you’ve had brewing or just thought of. We think that this is what makes SLAM different from your normal poetry-reading night. No experience necessary. Perhaps the liquor served (donation based) also helps set the tone of openness. Oh, and did we say it’s completely FREE. (Donations are always welcomed).

Poster coming soon.

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