Sunday Soup Flow

So, we have 1 minute to tell an audience, in a creative way that represents your organization for the International Sunday Soup conference, about yourselves and hopes/plans for a chance to win the fund. 1 minute has never felt so small ha!

I’ve checked out our ‘competition’ on the vimeo site and well, there’s people there with more need or more need for help – like in Cairo, Egypt than in Sheffield (although we also have a lot of need! we’re in England – everything has been cut and people are super poor 😦 ). But I love that something started in Chicago by INCUBATE is now trying to happen in Cairo. Just so cool. I’m happy to be part of something so magnificent. Currently now though, I will be brainstorming ideas in the airport later on tonight for our back up plan (or rather it’s really plan A) on how to raise the money for the soup alongside our Dark Matter week at CAKE everyone.

It’s a video type of day today! πŸ™‚ yay!

CAKE EVERYONE artspace, Soup-Flow from International Day of Soup on Vimeo.

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