smizz bitch at an article in the independant today

Check out this article above printed in todays Independant. Mary Ann Sieghart’s betrayal of the middle class article is a betrayal to social class justice. Look at the assumptions in her article: working class students don’t work as hard as middle class students, that poor students are taking away ALL the places at unis that DESERVE to go to middle class kids?! that a working class kid now only got a place at university because of positive discrimination. SHE EVEN compares the situation to immigration. Literally, all the poor students are taking away all the middle classes university places… or  as Mary would like you to believe.

 This is an article I would expect to be printed in the Daily Mail encouraging fear and hate towards everyday people just striving to better their lives and enjoy education to a higher level. In Europe it doesn’t matter what you achieved at school to get into university, it’s an even playing field. Why then, does the difference between a AAA and AABB in regards to social class matter here.  Universities for the past few years have already been taking into accounts peoples potential against grades and the last time I checked, the middle classes were still a very dominate enrolled presence. Shame on you for  justifying exactly why working class kids feel that people don’t believe that they deserve to go to university.

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