urban farmers when i was in chicago

so, i formatted my camera. i’m wanting to take beautiful photo’s of my everyday life. the whole tsunami thing made me re-realize (for like the 1000th time) that i need to appericate everyday – esp. everyday i’m not working!

So before i got rid of some memories that have lost their quality  being uploaded on to facebook, here are some photo’s i just couldn’t delete with only a low res left over. Urban Farmers in the deep south side of chicago. A ghetto, a place where the old steal industry has said to have made things infertile for growth – these guys rent abandoned gardens and get kidz off the street to learn about organic gardening. they some how make the soil fertile again, through months of work, in time of planting.  They end up with loads and loads of crops which they then sell for cheap to poor low-income families. Amazing work guys.

Published by smizz

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