new workz coming soon, a taster & thoughts on things right now!

I’m excited because I actually have some real NEW works, that i’ve made without having a show to make them for, or getting paid to make it for someone, and they’ve evolved over the past 2 months worth of development, reading and meticulous note writing. So I’m stoked that i’m back to thinking and making … feels like i’m a student again haha!

I went to the SITE gallery talk with Guy ben-Ner yesterday in Sheffield. Seems now that spring is in the air, Sheffield’s art scene is beginning to flourish after a very harsh and draught like winter. And Ben-Ner is here to welcome us to new fruition. Why am I mentioning this talk? Because there was a few things that got me thinking.

Ben-ner’s comment ‘art is made out of constraint’ really got me thinking about how i make my work and what it’s made in relation to. The power-class-struggle, systems and value.  But then things were uncomplicated in my mind in relation to some thoughts i’ve been having, when Guy started to cover bases of Walter Benjamin’s notion of author in relation to identity and how it’s created. Ben-ner talked about how Benjamin mentions loosing the quotation marks on a quote looses its authority  and this lose extends into the authorship.  I love this idea. I’ve gave myself some extra reading of Walter’s (it’s been a while!)

So with these fresh thoughts! and new inspiration here’s a few things i’ve been working on !

How to break into the documentary film industry part 2!

SlamJam part 5: All Thrown Together

FEASTinSHEFFIELD – organizing this event part of #artWORK



And other stuff. So been very busy – but brand new real art art artworks (as in like contemporary art ha) coming soon! 🙂

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