Smizz’s top 10 movies of 2010 continued! part 2!

It’s taken me some time to just write this post. I’ve been thinking about it too often, to the point it made me not trust my own judgement ha! I saw the magnificent King’s Speech and even though I know that it was released in the USA in 2010, as a UK-ien I can’t put it on my top 2010 movie list – as it was released here in 2011! Yes!

Wasting no more time…. check this, y’all!

At number 5……

is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t actually think that HP movie flicks compete with the likes of Black Swan and The King’s Speech – but despite it’s big-blockbuster, money churning out of Hollywood status – you can’t deny the excitement it generates. Here lies many themes trying to be tackled in this film. Sacrifice, determination, (obviously) friendship, and above all – acceptance. As the films  have progressed they started to gain an increasingly dark momentum – signaling that all hope may be lost. But in the end, will good triumph over evil? Like the film, real life isn’t so sure… watch out for super awesome editing, it took 2 watches to hear Snape tell Harry to ‘Trust him’.  If HP isn’t your thing, well at least watch it to laugh at how Daniel Radcliffe STILL can’t act!


Yeah, yeah yeah. Say what you like. I too often hate comic-book turned movie-flicks. However Kick-Ass is defo 1 of the 1st genuinely postmodern superhero movies to make a real impact, Matthew Vaughn’s tale of a superhero without any powers deserves a place on any list. But as well as being a little bit clever, it was also supremely entertaining. Kick-Ass, with an unconscious talent for divining the zeitgeist, made the powers of the internet work for him: YouTube made him a star, and his MySpace page built his career. Peter Parker may have been bitten by a radioactive spider, but Dave has been bitten by the web celebrity bug. In the old days, Clark Kent and Peter Parker took work on newspapers, because that was how they found out where the action was. That was old media. Kick-Ass uses the online world to self-publish his superheroism….. Plus, any film which really drives the Daily Mail brigade into self-righteous indignation has my vote.

3:  A Single Man

The artist in me has chosen this movie so high-up. I was thinking, what was beautifully shot? And there it was. Tom Ford’s (previous job something to do with making Gucci the brand that is it) debut. We are taken immediately by the “preciousness” of the image. I believe there is a dramatic reason behind every frame. Colin Firth, looking truly handsome, goes through each day of torment with remarkable civility. “A Single Man” takes place during a single day in what might be the last day in the life o a devastated human being. It is as if divine intervention might offer him an opportunity to reconsider, or is it just a couple of disguised attempts from other people who look for something less profound. These are interesting moments in the film when a hustler and a young man try to connect with George, and he certainly seems to appreciate their attempts, but he also seems to question the sincerity of their respective motives, or is it that he has already given up on trying to find happiness?  A scene you must catch, Firth playing around with a gun and a sleeping bag, deciding on how to attempt his fate.

2: Made in Dagenham

Hurrahhhhh for Women POWER! Yes, based loosely on the true events of a bunch of woman working at a Ford factory in the late 60’s, they decide that they want to be paid more as semi-skilled labourers. It soon dawns on them that they aren’t paid less because they’re not skilled, but because they are WOMEN! We as viewers really feel the cohesion, the solidarity, as well as the tensions of this group. Never pedantic, or too dramatically committed, the movie gets to make the public, mainly the female one, reflect upon the hard struggle women had to face before getting some basic rights, when still actual and necessary is the reflection about today’s condition of female workers, when some kind of discrimination is still to be faced. Hawkins’ performance was over standing throughout, mixing great comedy and dialogue, with dramatic quality, giving us an organic, believable and likable characters. We see her grow from a reluctant leader and a good mother to a strong, charismatic, witty character.  Only problem for me is that because of it’s revolutionary nature, and ‘British-ness’ awards such as Golden Globes and the 83rd annual oscars will/have over looked this diamond in the rough. And for that reason, the under-dawg mmovie gets 2nd place!

And natural at number one is………


My life, art-exhibition info, connections revolves around Facebook. it might not be as revolutionary as women in the 60’s fighting for liberation, and they might have just sold the final string of cool to Sachs but whatever.  i don’t really need to give you the low-down on the movie but here’s some food for thought on the motion picture:

Despite seeming to be a departure for Fincher in terms of content and subject matter – which it is and then again isn’t – the film is very clearly and undeniably a Fincher film. Re-teaming with his Fight Club director of photography Jeff Cronenweth, Fincher manages to create and capture that really unique look all of his films have. The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous – once again, Fincher proves that he is probably getting the best results in digital photography out of any other director working in that medium, and this film, shot on the RED One camera, looks absolutely beautiful, from the framing to the camera movement to the lighting and on to the look and the feel of the depth of field the RED captures.

The story works as an engaging, fascinating character study; at the beginning of the story, Mark is a socially maladjusted reject, and even after several million ‘friends’ and a few billion dollars later, he remains pretty much the same.  Although it’s a 2-hour dialog driven film, it absolutely engrossing to watch. If anything, this is probably the closest modern version of CITIZEN KANE that we will ever get in a long time.


Other movies that were also exceptionally awesome in 2010 (UK) :

Another Year, Toy Story 3, Love and Other Drugs, The concert, I Am Love, Kawasaki’s Rose, Megamind, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, Nowhere boy, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Date-Night (really lol), Four Lions (UK REP!), Dogtooth, Scott Pilgrim, Unstoppable, The Town


Disappointing movies of 2010:

Eat, Prey, Love, Sex and the City 2, Easy A, The American, Dinner for Schmucks, Grown Ups, Clash of the Titans, You Again.

Movies to catch in 2011: (UK Releases)

It’s a Funny Kind of Story, 127 Hours, The King’s Speech, Blue Valentine, Black-Swan, Hereafter.

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