2010 in reflection

Life this year, has been amazing.  But equally up as it was down. Sounds like Karma is treatin’ me ok!

I wished for many things last year, which happened this year!

Let’s do a quick re-cap:

(if my bike ever arrives here) Bike everywhere – This happened for like a good 3 months, a good 2 months AFTER i got the bike (as the breaks were all fucked up) and then i went to America. I tried biking to and from work this winter but the snow came… and what an excuse?

Work extremely hard and create some awesome works – I did create some pretty dope pieces of work such as the ‘powerless100’ bitches! i also created some shite!

Begin to save for the big move to live in Canada (that will have a separate post) – never really did happen, but i did go back to work in america

try and eat healthier – ermmmm, nope.

to be less bitter about the past and my roots, and home life.  Kind of. actually, i did, then i got abit arrogant, and now i’m back to being humbled and bitter.

What I wish i wish i wished for in the 2010

To pass my degree with an amazing portfolio of work – get a good/great degree (pretty pleaseeee) – I got my 1st class honors – WHICH WAS SURPIRSING!

to get accepted onto the Skowhegan Residence program (i can dream can’t i?) – i never applied, i went to NYC instead for a show

When I graduate, to stay away from the Donx – this happened for like 4 months, now i’m still here – BUT it’s a good thing as well as a bad thing.

That my family and friends are happy and well, and no one dies! – yes!!!! phewwwwwww

And just to really push my luck, after I graduate, if i could get an amazing part time job – something that i genuinely enjoy – that would be fantastic! – lets go back to this

i hope 2 keep in touch with many of my friends whom are now on their own individual adventures – yeah, sort of?

to get published and have a few shows again, now i have raised the bar! gotta bring it!



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