doc film industry collaboration

So, it’s just under a week since Doc/Fest finished.  The experience was priceless on so many different levels.

It was great seeing how the documentary film industry works incomparison to the art-world.

In the art-world people flock to art-fairs and openings and auctions and so forth.  There’s this kind of eliteness that you sense in a room full of Armarni suits; Rayban glasses and deliberately greasy hair or slim fit chino’s that have been turned up with boat shoes. You know that the kinda famous artists only attend if they they think it’s going to have art-review magazine coverage, or if they know someone there, or if they think that another art critic or someone equally self-beneficial will be there. yuck.   Of course, there’s the deliberate separation with art-events. For example, at Venice Biennale and Frieze Art-Fair, they all have seperate days, even weeks for the VIP artists and collectors ect to attend so they don’t possibly end up mingling with the rift-wrath!

At the documentary film festival I saw people wanting to mix, and collaborate – but collaborate in a manner that you wouldn’t see art-world folks doing (unless of course they are at the bottom of the food chain).  These people, however, are far from the bottom of the food-chain and embrace all technologies, all people from 1st time documentary film makers, to emmy-award winning producers. (to even rolf harris… foh reals?!)

This is something that got me thinking about the possibilities with art, especially when all our budgets and funds keep getting cut. But this is for a different blog, at a different time.

For now, this is what a co-production on different platforms (film, tv, broadcast, games, apps ect) could (does) look like!

i think you can click on the image and it should get bigger!

these were drawn as the discussion of panels discussed the likelihood of collaboration; and how they could do it.  The drawings are literal visualizations of what they said. So for example, ‘good legs on the internet’ became a pair of good-legs! ha!  There were 4 panel discussions drawn, but i don’t like to put all my cards on the table. 😉 Maybe another blog….

food for thought for sure.

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