1 more day

So, keep it locked here for the Smizz update/ view onto the Sheffield Doc/Fest.

It’s strange because i haven’t felt this nervous about being apart of something in a long time. I think my degree-show probably came close. but this is a differnet type of nerves.  this is the ‘real’ world! this is the film industry!! i get all starstruck at the idea of the sheer amount of people that’s going to be bopping around from channel 4, bbc, itv, the internet, sky, the guardian, delegates from AMERICA! ect.  i can’t imagine how nervous and excited all the people who have been  involved  from day 1 with the festival are feeling.  it must be sucha  crazy mad thing to organize something so huge!

i’ve got the basic structure down of the ‘how to crack the film industry’ drawing down.  i get to sit around and talk to super important cool people about the industry to put on the drawing… maybe someone will wanna buy it afterwards… probably not haha!  but it’s helping me produce a new new piece of work for my practice.

And then over the past weeks i have been watching and going to conferences, and trying to do performance drawings in practice for when i do the performance drawings for real. ive been reading the guardian and watching loads of news satiar shows in an attempt to make me more witty and keep my general knowledge tip-top.  i was hoping working at waterstones would help me with thsi quest too… alas no such luck! haha.

i just want to make a good impression and get some dialogue going, and maybe make a few people laugh along the way. i really really hope i can achieve this.  i just feel super lucky to be able to say all this to my readers right now.  im blessed to be a part of doc/fest. i hope i don’t fuck it up ha!

But for all the gossip and drawings and sneak peaks. keep it locked here y’allllll!!

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