Figuring out a time-table to make work

It’s been hard working out time to sit down and actually MAKE ART WORK. But it’s not like i’ve not been making art! I’m getting contributors together to create a publication about the Art school in the art school in Syracuse, NY.  I’m trying to get teaching experience. I now work at Waterstones and then there’s the work i’ve been doing for sheffooo Docccfesstttt! (of which im super dooper excited for!)

Not to mention I got work accepted for the #rank exhibition in Miami, USA. More info on that laterz/. So i’m making work for that!

But i need an actual practice time! and by writing it here i know that it will affirm it in my mind.

Interestingly though, this is how j k rOWLING did the Harry Potter series.

Kinda cool; i’m defo going to steal this method and see if it works for me.


The author and mastermind of the whole Harry Potter universe uses plain old notebook paper and a ballpoint pen to develop the intricate plot structures of her books. Down the y-axis, she lists chapter numbers and a month-based chronology, and along the x-axis she lists various attributes of each chapter like title, events and even prophesies integral to each segment of the book.

I think this is fascinating and I’m so curious to know what other authors use similar, low-fidelity planning methods. Also, it goes to show that even in a multimedia age, most good ideas start with a pen and paper.

humble beginnings or what?!


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