The state of the UK and its higher education

From many previous blogs, you will know that the recent government change (of which most i haven’t been in the country for) definitely makes me really angry.  Expect  a bunch of ranty blog posts like this one. Expect artwork to be made in response to a government we didn’t elected!  For those of you who care, this post is ranting about the con-dem’s new bright idea to make UK education into a free market.


I mean, how fortunate that these filthy thieving scum were to enjoy grammar school education, free higher education, many having their living expenses paid by benefits while in higher education too.

These very same people now expect their own children and the younger generation to be saddled with eyewatering debts before they have even walked into their first job. Add to that the crippling cost of housing and the unlikelyhood that any of our kids will enjoy decent pensions or anything approcahing a decent quality of life unless they are fortunate enough to have very wealthy parents or find a career in gangster capitalism (banking)

And the political elite harp on about FAIRNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its enough to make you want to puke into your cornflakes hearing some marxist commentator on BBC R4 at 7:30 in the morning harping on about politicians forever fretting about FAIRNESS!

Where’s the fairness in saddling your own kids with £50/60/70,000 of debt before they have worked a single day?

When are people going to WAKE UP!

It is utterly disgusting.  Us the people are just so frustrating because we/they allow themselves to be RAPED without lifting a finger to stop it.  REVOLUTION ANYONE? Yes please!

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