see ya ONLINE smizz!

i recieved some comments about the previous blog; which was awesome for my readership stats! You know what they say, all publicity is great publicity!

If you’re new to reading this blog – its 4 years worth of crap here; so to give you a taste so you dont miss judge, it’s a whole world of smizz. and it’s all about me, me, me oh and erm, me? what else is a blog for? I was havinga  conversation about the whole interesting aspect of why one would keep a blog. i’ve kept one since 6th form; where i also took the piss out of everything – you can see that on my old msn live account if you google me ha.

my posts jump from me having a very poor attempt at  the saddistic dry style of charlie brooker, to an emotional wreckage of a james camron titanic sequel; many cries of self-pity and reflection; moments of pure clarity where i remind y’all that i am actually happy – really – and grateful for EVERYTHING. and cringe-worthy attempts at art criticism.

oh and also self promotion. if you didn’t get that.

those who know me; or know me online will know i’m ALWAYS on line.

Well, having not handled stress very well on the awesome degree show; i am now going to take a Haitus from my online persona. and from the UK in general. i’ll probably blog until friday. and then folks; I’m outta here until prob mid-october, and maybe possibly after. i can’t really imagine nOT blogging.

but yes, no twitter, no facebook, no emails, no blogs, nooooo online nothing.

and i think i’m going to enjoy it.

i imagine it will be like my coca-cola withdrawels. i’ll probably end up with 1000000000 pound phone bill from not having the dedication to my own cause. i might have nightmares about gmail. i’ll constantly be on another world; scheming on how one can check ones mail!

I leave for NYC in less than 1ohours. so i guess i’ll see you for a few days on the otherside and then


i of course will probably write a few more blogs before friday evening just because if there’s going to a be a gap; it should be on an attempt to be or philosophical kind of post!


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