What’s next, you ask?

So, now i’m out of the funk of degree show – I can now return to being a (semi) normal functioning member of society.  Having done a bunch of different shows – professional/solo/group/white cube/alternative space, I can now tell y’all that Degree Show is NOTHING like putting a ‘real’ show on. Well, there are obviously similarities, but i am convinced  that a degree show is designed to make the weaker artists feel like they could never put another show on again because going bold by pulling out your hair, and picking up an anorexic’s eating habits whilst paying $300 to print out “back up work” and paint shitty boards is just simply not worth it (as in an art career); and not what you’re about (excess)!

The problem with doing an Art degree; even more so – an art degree in a provisional art school such as SHU means that one receives the question of “What’s next?” more than one would like to hear!   Your career  path is easier if you do an education/teaching BA. You should ultimately become a teacher or a policy maker.  Thing is, a degree from Northern Sheffield Hallam University in the great scheme of bias elite red-brick universities means you’re already kinda doomed to fail (unless you want to be a Blue Peter host) or if indeed your ambition IS to work in a call center!? To do an art degree there; even more so, means you’re up a crazy rapid creek river of shit without a paddle ! you might as well have got the £23,865 amount of debt that you get in (consequently with interest that nearly made me choke on my coca-cola when i opened the letter) and bought contacts, or invested into a  street wear clothing business that diddy buys, or opened a foundation, or bought yourself a political campaign to run for priminister ect ect.

The good thing with art; however, is that it’s all about your determination ( and hardwork; talent; connections). No one gives a shit if you have a degree; and indeed what type of degree you have. (however lets not ignore that you’re more likely to be picked up and have more credability if you attended a london art school).

If you have two of those things (and hardwork; talent; connections); chances are you can make it (perhaps not straight away). I have one of those things (hardwork/motivation). And i could feel myself being slowly institutionalized; irrelevant and BORING. No one wants to be boring. I’m super excited to see how i can continue my practice in the ‘real’ world so to speak. That’s why I am so excited to get out of education with art.

Soooo with my degree (who knows what class yet) from SHU that no-one will give a fuck about; here is WHAT’S NEXT.

From Wednesday 23rd June I’m in USA until October – I’m working with a bunch of different institutions including summer -school Boston area in art; to Syracuse University, NY state; I’m hoping to drop in on Chicago  and see the release of AREA issue 10 which I helped to start in November last year. And maybe a bit of Cali!? maybe…

When I get back I’ll have the docufest to look forward to!

I have a bunch of projects i want to set up; including the release of OBJKET publication http://www.objekt.tk and get some more teaching experience.  But more about that until after October… I’m assuming travel is going to be in the cards as well.

And afterwards, beg someone for a job. possibly any job. Something to tie me over until summer next year… during this time; i will be a shadow of my former self. all my art ambition gone. the words of: “who was that girl who had shows in NYC? oh smizz… what’s she doing now? who? ohhhhhh. what? she’s working where? the kabab shop? nooooo, gosh she’s gone down hill hasn’t she?” will be uttered all the time.  i will probably walk down the street and pretend not to recognize anyone in my shame of kabab shop work; where i have more acne than when i was i was 14 and hair you’d think BP had an oil spill – again – this time on my head and no Louisiana’s coastline?!

After this horrific work experience, a ghost – or perhaps – maybe a movie will bring me to my senses, and i will realize that my ONLY way out is to finish my MArt into an official MA by crawling on my knees and begging my previous tutors for a place on the MA, pushing money over to them that’s thick of grease.  They will probably let me back on course out of sympathy and the smell of desperation (which will probably smell like last nights take-away left in the sun) with the only condition that i wash my hair…

semi joking aside, i’m seriously looking forward to my life as a non-student. I know it aint gonna be a walk in the park; and i will have to find a time routine that helps me create work. But you can’t be a student forever. i hope the experience of what the non-artists called “real life” will help jazz up and inspire my practice to a new level. One thing is for sure; i do have a pile of books that I’ve been putting off reading – and i’m gonna enjoy reading every single page.

Make everyday a new horizon.


specifying what i meant, as it wasn’t clear in the 2nd paragraph.  it is just about relief as degree  show as a stressful experience for me. obvs im not cut out for it eh?!

And i’m not dissing degree’s or a degree from SHU; i’m pointing out the flaws with an elite system that has problems recognizng degrees from old polytenics even with a cool degree – doesn’t really matter in the recession anyways, does it? really.

in art – unless you want to stay in academia – doesn’t matter about your degree because your work or connections should speak enough! obviosuy though fr your work to stand alone, you get the teachings and all that from your education. double edged sword!  in america, you just geta  degree. no classifications. the best way!

and the whole thing is taking the piss out of myself. no one else.

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I've had this blog since I was 17. I use it process thinking & work. It's changed with how my life has changed. Artist → Re-evaluating life→ Rad Oncology graduate + public health worker→ @lab4living PhD-er → Want 2 make a positive difference → Rule-Breaker → LIVE DRAWZ! → councillor! → Loves cities → rides fixie → adventures → wanna be ramen master → <3 Tokyo + NYC

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