my first general election vote!

Most people want to turn 18 so they can drink, can have adventures and book into hotels and hostels on their own without a grown-up, do the fun jobs like camp-america and teaching students, get a credit card, buy fags and you can’t wait to feel like you’re an actual grown up. (which is scary as!)

Not the Smizz. I don’t really drink (unless it’s free or it’s one of ‘those’ days). I certainly don’t smoke. I did Camp America when I was 19 and i actually hate adult life. At 18 i couldn’t get a credit card because of my near-none exist credit / my moms awful credit rating on the house address. But I will admit travel was so much easier going with friends and not your mom! ha.

But the thing that I really wanted to do more than ever was to VOTE. yes. I’m one of those believers that 16 year olds should be able to vote (if you can get married, leave school, work full time jobs, pay tax, buy a house and die for your country then why not?!)

And I turned 18 just after the general election, and then Tony Blair fucked around, wouldn’t step down when he should have – then we got Gordon Brown who wanted to spend some time as priminister and  put off a general election so that it would HOPEFULLY work in labour’s favor. However, as much of a labour fan as I am – and Labour (despite irritating tory campaigns)  IS WORKING.

But now after the Americans seem like they’ve taken a huge leap in political and equality history, the rest of us in the UK are feeling kind of like we’re taking many steps back. I look at the new Obama bills, we have the HISTORICAL FREE healthcare bill – PASSED. A bill to make college ALOT more affordable to poor kids and stop elite colleges turning their nose up at community colleges.

At the same time in the UK, we have gone from free education to always going up tuition fees. Where the poor pay the same as the rich. The MPs are fraudulent greedy suckers who take advantage of the system and charge crazy expenses on their accounts and then don’t even turn up to pass one of the most important bills for the UK Digital economy. retards.

So is it any wonder why people want change? where is our obama we are asking?! Indeed. what i find even more insulting is the Conservatives take on this phrase of Obreezy’s and play it in all the wrong ways that it;s supposed to mean charge. There is a irony that lies in a tory government stealing a democrats plea for change for equality. and we all know Tory’s are far from equality for all.

Anyways, so where as 4 years i would have still been voting for Labour, today i am torn between the new socialists or a younger, real change – new reformed lib-deb led by leader Nick Clegg who has had some surprisingly serge in popularity being compared to the new british obama with unpararell comparisons: Obama had “Yes, we can”. Clegg has “I agree with Nick”. Obama, as a youth, flirted with hard drugs. Clegg set fire to a cactus.

And although a vote to the Lib-Debs essentially means a vote away from Labour thus a more likely-hood that Conservatives would get into power ( and we really don’t want that, stupid first past the post). I am still left thinking that a guy that sets greenhouses alight must be pretty fucking cool and defo worth a vote for that alone.

one day left to register to vote! SO DO IT

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One thought on “my first general election vote!

  1. interesting thoughts.
    truth is there is no single party worth voting for.
    Now how do we decide.
    i’m in the unfortunate position were i have to compete wit european migrants for jobs.
    And i’m a qualified proffessional chef.
    chefs wages have been stagnant for the last six years for this reason.
    and in my workplace english might as well be a second language.
    But i am not racist.
    So never will i vote for bnp
    There is only one viable party that speaks for me.
    Even with my vote they wont get in.
    But taking one vote away from all the parties that claim to be legitimate will surely make my vote count.
    problem is most people are opting for a no vote.
    which doesn’t help at all
    For change we need votes.
    So you’re definately in the right frame of mind

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