Let Smizz’s diet commence!

It’s not secret that my many american trips, poor finances and lack  of excercise have all accounted to a poorer diet which has in turn made my breasts HUGE?! my weight change has totally gone straight to them! I’ve never really noticed it before now!  until i wore orange at a party 3 weeks ago:

So I need to loose some weight. Not much, just back to my weight that I was most happiest with to not even think about what I was eating. (need to loose just under 6 pounds) (under half a stone)

My diet is – just WATER and coke zero/pepsi max drinks if i gotta drink soda!

More salad, less potatoes (although lets me honest here, i eat alot of potatoes – NOT in the chip form)

eat normal shit when in the studio instead of a chocolate bar. come on smizz what have you been thinking?

EAT AT NORMAL HOURS. Yes!!! DONT eat past 10pm (we can get earlier as we go along)

MORE BIKE RIDING. which has begun.

DOING MORE WORKING OUT IN GENERAL. like using gemma’s step thing, and doing sit ups and if i have time – joining a few gym classes like arobics after uni!

so that’s the plan.

currently I weight 8 stone 13  average (but if i havent had a shit and eat loads of stuff – i’m like 9 stone 2!)

i’d like to get back to 8 and half stone. Nice.

Let the healthy lifestyle begin!

Published by smizz

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