sometimes it doesn’t just rain, it pours.

today was one crazy day. it’s one of those days that just makes you wish that you never got outta bed for. now, forget that it was mildly productive, putting my work up and taking some decent pictures. and designing logos for a new up and coming awesome chicago based company and thinking about website designing over this easter bank holiday.

it’s been just a bad luck day. maybe cuz its april fools or something.  i left the house in justa  hoody because it was a beautiful BEAUTIFUL day. clear skies and sun!  i left for the studio on my bike. on my way i notice that my back wheel on my bike is ridicilously flat – i have come to conclusion that some how i ahve obtained a slow puncture. brilliant.

I then some how ruin my headphones – dunno how. so now they only work in one ear. at first i thought FUCK NO. its not  my ipod AGAIN is it? I just got it fixed!  but i was then kind of relieved that once i got to the studio i found out it was just my headphones. but relief still turned into being miffed! i can’t get any new headphones at least until Loan day – in T-Minus 11 days. YES i am counting down. I have already mentally spent a good chunk of it.

(I’m super hoping and praying that a higher being will see my financial struggles and make Hallam see that Smizz needs a pretty decent payout on the hardship fund. )

so the rest of the day went fine, until i needed to get home and it was heavy down pour rain, but i thought – hey i can get home and warm up after cycling in the heavy rain WITHOUT A DAMN COAT cuz it was sunny when I left.Except the universe had a bigger and better plan for me. It decided that it would be super funny to make me be locked out in the crazy crazy rain without a coat and no one being near to let me.   i eventually after an hour get intouch with gemma whom apparently has been in the local pub all along. she meets me half way with the keys to the house. i get to the house thinking – finally – i can DRY OFF! nope. the universe has bigger plans. apparently the door lock has broke, or something – attempted break in! and fucked up the lock so we couldn’t get into the house! and no money and soaked i didnt know what to do. so i call gemma up again – and she walks all the way back from the pub and after trying it herself we sit in the car. and decide to try to break into the house via our kitchen window.

it was too easy. it was like giving candy to a baby.  i dunno why we havent been robbed before. so we are able to dry off. but thats an unnecessary £50 we have to pay for the locksmith 2moz. fuck.

and then. yes there’s more! i’m super poorly now. i’ve been sick through my nose twice. and this is why i’m writing this ridiculusly long blog. i feel so sick. i can’t sleep.  but that’s oaky because now i can get on with my diet. i actually dont mind being sick if i can loose abit of weight. awesome.

soapbox over//.?!

happy good friday friends!

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