conspiracy theory no.1.

i have a story for EVERYTHING. Trust.

i live with my best friends in an apartment in an old victorian house. There’s 3 apartments in total in the building and we are on the 2nd floor.

The neighbours above us are like some sexual deviants.  man, you don’t even wanna hear the sorta stuff and people they bring home to do it. daaaaaaaaamn. and when they’re not doing that – they play really bad guitar music and play MUSE live DVD really live at stupid o’clock whilst having Thriller parties (dedicated to MJ) at like 2 am. stomping around. And if this wasn’t bad enough – they’re like 40+ years old. come on guys!

Whilst the neighbours below us are totally drug dealers.

i’m pretty sure they are. my friend dropped me off from the movies the other night and we couldn’t park their car because there were 7 black cabs/taxi’s parked right outside our house. people, strange people, are always going in and out the house at all hours of the day.  i’m pretty sure they use the taxi system to deal it out.  that’s kinda smart.  i think this is gonna end up in one of my crazy paranoid maps.


Published by smizz

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One thought on “conspiracy theory no.1.

  1. Smizzle! I cant believe you still do this blog! I read Wrafter’s tweet about his old ‘6th Form Blog’, so I Googled my name to find my old blog’s. Came across the one I did during my final year of Uni and followed the link to yours…

    Mine died way back in early 2009, but here you are, still rocking away with some awesome blog’s. I should get back into it, sure I could come up with some stuff about how getting on out here…

    Anyway, bookmarked this blog again, so I shall keep checking back… 🙂

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