it’s been a while

hey all.

so whilst i’ve been gone, a lot of y’all have been pumping my visitor numbers!  Wow. talk about getting some crazy internet traffic!!!  thank y’all!  I mean, i’ll be honest — i think it’s just people who want to know who “sarah smizz” is from the #CLASS exhibition ( – they wanna know who this incompetent wanna be is.

I will blog more about my POWERLESS 100. i had no idea that it was such a good idea.  and the class exhibition in general. I’ve had such a fun time with CLASS and i’ve learnt so much more. saying that, my NYC trips always teach me way more than art school teaches me anyways.

soooo why have i been so quiet? well i dont wanna take this platform to moan (like i usually do) but im just involved in so many things that its exhausting. and that’s fantastic, but things like blogging just get left behind – even though i enjoy doing this alot!

i have 3 artist collaborative groups to co-ordinate.

a sheffield blog to keep up with.

i now blog and interview folks for the worcester open ( )

my own damn art work

degree show in t-minus like 4 -6 weeks!

just come back from nyc -obvs

part time jobs

a publication to get up and running and its like managing school kids half of the time

aim higher school talks!

agency website developing

and some other things that i can’t think of right now.

so here’s some new work i’m working on. i’ll post my artist statement and shizz laters, when i’ve finalized it. this is still in the works p- needs to be finished. and there’s plenty mo’ and better pieces where this came from!

but im back to drawing AND IT FEELS GOOD. yes.

sorry for my shitty phone pictures!

i’m embracing the paranoid smizz!

and one shot from: how to disappear:

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