green fingers smizz

For my birthday, Jen bought me an awesome Bonsai tree. She bought me a tree because last  year i nursed a parsley plant back to health from near death and we called him Terrance.

She named my new Bonsai tree Mike.

Bonsai tree’s, unlike many other plans, are dramatic plants! It’s a constant rollercoaster looking after Mike. One day he’s fine the next he’s dying.

So after sharing my doubts about looking after plants, one of my tutors say try talking to your plant.

Yeah, i’ll say that again. TRY TALKING TO YOUR PLANT.

Soooo, with nothing to loose – after all i didn’t want to kill off Mike and show Jen just what a waste of money she has spent – I waited for no one to be in the house. And I started to talk to Mike the tree plant.

We talked about or fears, hopes, loves and hates. Daily stresses and what it means to exist right now in this privileged position that I am in.  And i left thinking that, you know, Mike not benefit from me chatting shit to him but I definitely  felt better talking to Mike.

So I continued this, some nights I just asked Mike how he was doing and other nights I’d share ideas with him. And LOW AND BEHOLD.  MIKE just FLOURISHED in like the space of 5 days. It’s amazing!

I AM AMAZED. and i’m not just talking about the vibrancy of his leaves, but how much he’s grown. He has sprouted new branches and everything! It’s awesome.

So i guess talking to plants really does work!

also sunlight and water. of course.


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