I could blog for ever

i could juts blog all the time. i love it!  though, sometimes i wish i could blog straight away – like twitter – like i used to (more spare time and that)

i’d like to write more about art than i have done so recently, but since i crushed my own dreams of becoming a good writer on art – i am left with no goals to pursue in the maintaining of this blog.  that said, i love the vanity of a blog. i need to vent. (the blog post is a perfect example of it)

it’s also a great platform for me to post development of works without having to be half-arsed with updating my website – WHICH TOTALLY needs to be done. Alas, so much to do, so little time. The lack of writing is representation of that. I continuously astound myself. each year i think FUCK. i am over whelmed, i am too busy, people don’t geddit!?  But in actuality. that’s just half as busy as i’m going to be in the new year haha.

i suppose this is a good thing?  i just find it hard to say no to awesome sounding projects/ what’s an art degree anyways?  if not an opportunity to gain real connections and opportunities.

so here’s to more inspired blogging from now on. really.


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