I have just booked myself a NYC ticket for the 16th Feb. Hopefully customs will let me in.

Birmingham (BHX)
Depart 09:00
Terminal 1
to Newark (EWR)
Arrive 12:00
Terminal B
3,375 mi
(5,432 km)
Duration: 8hr 0mn
CO Continental
Flight: 27

Newark (EWR)
Depart 19:00
Terminal C
to Birmingham (BHX)
Arrive 06:55 +1 day
Terminal 1
3,375 mi
(5,432 km)
Duration: 6hr 55mn
CO Continental
Flight: 26

16-26th. it’s gonna be awesome if i get let in. im going 2 check out a show, and buy a nixon watch and an american eagle shirt LOL. perhaps some Abercormbie perfume too. sweeten the deal. I really can’t wait. its strange to feel so excited so soon after i was over there 2 months ago!


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