I hate flying – FACT

I had an absolute nightmare getting to the airport yesterday.

My flight back to Chicago was at 8:55am. I thought that I had to get back to the office at AREA, but alas the people i was working with are all not in Chicago aswell!  So here’s some advise to y’all. DON’T book an early flight for a journey that takes less than 3 hours on the plane. It’s just seriously not worth it.

Anywho, I booked one of those “Go airport link shared rides” to make it easier for myself – or at least that is what I thought.

My voucher said Laguardia and everything so I was so sure that was where I was going to when I jumped into the ride. Yet the dickhead took me to JFK – I was like dude I need la-guardia and  he was like well i do JFK and i was like it says so on my voucher and everything.

he was like NOT MY PROBLEM. the mofo.

needless to say i didn’t tip him! So i then had to catch a cab – cuz i was like there is no way i’m gonna miss my flight for the sake of like $15-20.

Told you i was terrible traveling via plane! ha!

UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE that’s what it was.

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