Thinkin’ up a master (money) making plan

So, currently I have been working  a series of crazy part time/fulltime summer jobs in order to make some money.  But everytime I make some cash, it seems to go on direct debits, plane tickets, getting to and from work, getting to and from sheffield, food shopping etc, so basically  my money just goes on living.

But I get paid shit money too.

My life is like one big credit card!

So I thought, hey i’ll see if i can get ANOTHER credit card for Chicago (just to be safe, ya know!?)


I got declined. I have bad ass credit. how bad ass is that?

I already have a credit card!  just give me another one, aightz! i can’t make much damage with £400 credit card, what’s another £400 one?? Pcccst!

So i’m trying to think of other alternatives – such as….

  • Drug dealing – I’d be perfect. Would you suspect me, lil smizz? I guess the downside would be I’d be pretty easy to rob. But whatever.
  • Testing drugs for the government. It’s like £2,000! I mean what’s an unexplainable rash or bad sleeping patterns really worth? I can get that from drinking to much coca-cola and changing my washing powder!
  • Get a sugar-daddy.  Enough said.
  • Sell my eggs – i mean I ain’t using them… waste not want, might as well cash in !
  • selling body parts on e-bay.  oR TO medical science.
  • betting away any money i do have.

So I look at my other options that could make me more money, faster, without being totally alientated and exploited… and  well…


If you want to donate to the ” help smizz in chciago fund” then please apply within. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!

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