today i had the weirdest day.

I decided to go for a walk with my bro’s crap digital camera (i really appreciate my SLR Camera now) taking pictures of the place I live.

I got stopped on 4 occasions. The first, asked me if i was an artist. The 2nd was an old friend of mine! the 3rd and 4th were some kids in years 10 – 8 who said I was cool and were convinced because of my accent that I was from America… and kept asking why I was in Doncaster. Why I was at home. When I’m going back… 

here are some of the images of my random night walk.

Just when you think you know a place…. it can surprise you!


my dog Clyde

My house of 3 years!

just like the form of this image

the leisure centre were i spend my summer if i’m at home. I live virtually across from it

Tryna get an architectural looking image

Another formalist image

and another

1 dafadil on its own 

This is the pinnacle of working class culture right here o

A guy asked whether I draw.. if i was an artist and then posed for me. Real shame I didn’t have my ace camera

Bordered up houses from drugs and burglaries.

This is where i am from yeah

the ‘toppies’

and that’s me folks. This is the good parts of la donx. I really wanted a sunny day – but night images are alright!



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