smizz’s future contribution 2 sundance film festival

working title:  The pea pickers

I have been working on a few and many projects. One is trying to write a screenplay. And it’s damn hard!

But when Rich and I were talking last night in reference to out “working class manifesto” I remembered a clear memory.

My mom worked (and still does) every hour god sends so we try and not go without.  She wanted to buy me my first bike so she took an extra job that was cash in hand, but it was at the weekend so I had to go with her. And it was one of those jobs that I could go with her because it was abit dodgy.

This job was pea picking.

We used to have to listen for a pick up truck van thing beep on a saturday, quite early in the morning and run onto the back. we would roll down the highway with wind in our hair, bumping up and down in the back cuz of the shit suspension.  The back of the truck was made up for illegal immigrints and women all trying to make a lil# extra from the sowing factories and cafes.

So with that memory – I’ve come up with an ingenious screenplay plot, and a chance for amazing character development!

so watch this space. in my mind it kinda reminds me of Pedro A.s films.


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