top-up fee raising, UK

I always buy a Big Issue whenever I can, especially since I have been homeless myself.  In this weeks Big Issue they have an awesome article about the crazy rising tution fees for university.

I’m so working class and poor and everything that comes with it (westernized poverty – not the real famine deal) i don’t know how I got to university or how I made the decision to get myself into £30,000 of debt.  I can only go to uni because of the student loan company. According to this article in the Big Issue (which you should get) top-up fees will rise to 5,000 a year and student loans will stay the same. Meaning that yourself and your family would have to put the £2,000 extra down.  If that was the case now, even if I worked my ass off in 2 jobs whilst at uni, I still wouldn’t be able to go.

Education and Housing should ALWAYS be a FREE priority in my mind. It should be a priority, not a privilege.


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