In Montreal? why not go to my book launch?

Check it out man. This amazingly cool Canadian artist called: Jean-Francois Prost curated a book of interventionist art practices/projects. He chose my work of Utopian Protagonist – so this is my first official book launch even though there are 3 others in the pipe-line … most to be released later this year. including Heath Buntings work in Project Biennial.

Adaptive Actions will be here in London in the next few weeks.

Causerie de la librairie | Bookstore Conversation

at the CCA (Canadian Center for Architecture)

Sunday, March 22 2009, 3 pm

Jean-François Prost (Montreal) presents:

Adaptive Actions

Website and publication

A collaboration with SPACE (London)

Texts by Judith Laister, Pascal Nicolas-Le Strat, Frank Nobert and Jean-François Prost

with and by: Julie Boivin, Andrea Cavagnaro, Tagny Duff, Martin Dufrasne, Hillary Powell & Dan Edelstyn, Jean-Maxime Dufresne, Nicole Fournier, Dominic Gagnon, Tyree Guyton, Sophie Handler, Hannah Jickling and Valerie Salez, Virginie Laganière, Marie & Jean, Frank Nobert, Optimistic Productions, Sarah Smizz, Animal Trust, Ben Scott, Robert Prost, Martin Wilson, Gesche Wuerfel, several unknown actors and workshops participants at SPACE in London and in Montreal.

La Librairie du CCA

1920, rue Baile

Montreal, QC H3H 2S6

T: 514 939 7028

F: 514 939 7020

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