Let me tell you a story

There once was an amazing art school called PSalter Lane.  It had an amazing library that just didn’t hold books and journals but contained a real vibe to learning and 100’s of years of history amoungst it’s books. It apparently even has its on ghosts!

Psalter Lane had a community about it. You could walk the corridors and see someone you knew, you could have the best chats because well… everyone knows that the corridors are the best for great talks…. and you never felt alone even if you weren’t with anyone.

Anyways, the powers that be have shut down Psalter Lane and moved us all down the the miserable city campus where the walls are painted with loneliness and tinged with status quo.  every move is watched and art is really judged.

So as part of PPPP my proposal was remanisant of Robert Smithson…. we went upto Psalter Lane on Thursday with 2 boxes and a spade/ i didn’t really think the day through to be honest as I was wearing a bright Orange hoody!

So we get there and the security come out of the building like they sense there is something coming. They smell the art coming back.  I ask Jen, shall we just ask them? So we decide to be good citizens – and the gates where open… so we walked up with the boxes and spade. The security guard shook their heads as we walked up the drive (the first time in like 7 months).

I approach the woman, and say, ” Hey there, we were wondering if we can just take some grass… for art!?”

The security woman is like… ” erm…. yeah but not now. The big boss is coming and it wouldn’t look good, would it? Come back about 4…”

We say thanks and walk off.  I didn’t want to wait around so we walked around the otherside of the building- jump a fence and run behind a tree and digg, digg, dgigg!

we saw the @big boss’ drive up the drive – we carried on digging.

We got 2 boxes of turf… called them Michelle and Michael and snuck out of PSalter lane.  We carried the turf about half way home, and left it at Brendizzles house because the day was bitterly cold. The soil was moist from the pouring rain the night before –  so our hands were frozen and the soil heavy.

But we just didn’t knick the soil for any reason – we did it because it’s going to be a profound intervention sometime this week.

So keep a look out in the SIAD gallery between now and Thursday!!


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