sounds good, no?

So I was discussing my concerns with a developing straw of my artwork today. It kinda, as you can see from the images froma  previous post, has the asethetics of Robin Rhode. Who I love and have been following for years – way before the artworld got ahold of him. 

Even though my interaction and use of his ‘style’ (if you will) is completely different than his – my context, meaning, methaphors, and working class culture references and the whole – production of space notion and negation are all different to what he is trying to portray.

And yet, because i’ve used his work as a standing point – and i feel like i’m just blantley ripping him off. Yet I give him credit, and like i said it’s different. I mean I don’t feel the same stress or guilt when I make collages that look like a billion other artists work. I don’t think any less of someone else’s work because it looks real similar – i mean like everyone copy cats john stezacker these days right?

So why is this any different?

I’m actually having fun with my practice again – i feel like i’m being really experimental with my ideas… pushing them in a way i have not done so previously and i love it. so why stop?

Anyways, in this conversation I was like – arghh i’m a shit artist

and my hommie brendizzle was like – Smizz you have 3 shows in London and an art festival that you’ve set up and are in – all before Spring

And you know, when you put it like that

I do sound pretty dope.




Also after this festival ends (6th – 12th march) I can start to go 2 Areobics! hells yeah

it’s about time smizz lost some of that comfort anxiety stressed eating weight!!!

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