Valentines days and all that

So I’m single. Yes. VERY single. Last night me and my single friends…. that would be my whole collection of housemates ( i’m not that sad to specifically meet with lots of people who are single and celebrate anti-valentines day – there are people who do that out there!) ordered take-out food. as that is the cliche thing to do right?

it took ages, i guess there must be alot of single people in Sheffield. and we watched my housemates favourite movie: the family stone – which we managed to get for a bargin price from ZAVVI ( a music/dvd store going in2 administration) and that film was totally depressing.

Before this, we just had loads of snow and ice over the past 2 weeks. And most of it’s gone. However, on my way to a party the other night, I was happily troddling along – looking up at the starry sky because i think that it’s beautiful whilst listening to a high school musical song (i assure you i have alot more better music on my i-pod) and all of a sudden

SWOOOSH. straight on my ass. Except it was in adrive way on a slant so instead of slipping normally, it was a kind of spin in the air landing really hard on the ice on my side. I hit my head, my knee and the side of my ass real badly. the shock took over. I just kinda laid face down on the road paralysed with the shock pain. My knee was pounding. My first reaction was to make sure no one was around, and they weren’t. which was good.

with this relief I just kind of rolled around abit on the ice going argghhhh!! after a 2 minute melodrama i slowly go up. Checked that my i-pod was okay and went to walk whennnnnnn

I could hardly bend my knee as it was so swollan. so i literally hopped over the road and turned to see how I had managed to slip. It seemed that I had managed to fall straight on my ass on the ONLY piece of snow/ice left around sheffield city. What is the possibility of that!?

I managed to limp my way to the party and after drinks I managed to limp home. my ass still hurts.

And the bruises are crazy. but it’s like yeah thank god i don’t have a boyfriend.  i don’t have 2 make an effort for anyone other than myself.

Thinking about snow and ice and falling, here is some mysterious photography by Sweden-based Thobias Faldt. I read an interview with him where he talked about not wanting to look at a photo immediately after shooting it. The strong feelings of taking the photo then become attached to it, and he feels they can only become “pictures” when those feelings aren’t associated.

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