attention American and Canadian readers


This is actual video footage of British folk trying – or rather failing – to drive in 2cm of snow. 

Yesterday was a joke. I had to walk 2 miles to someones house for our course, MArt, bonding session – in the snow because everything stopped running. I then had to walk 3 miles back home on my own, in somewhat deeper snow (it was like 11pm by this time)

The library staff at uni took off home at like 4:00 – due to snow? And I had a library fine to pay off in order to renew my books – so I had to pay like an extra £1.20 today.

Then I got stood up by a tutor who I was supposed to have a tutorial with at 9:30am (yes I GOT UP EARLY) and they actually live in Sheffield. I live in Sheffield. If I can get in, they can get in as far as I’m concerned. Understandably for those people who live in London – But even then

ITS LIKE 2 INCHES OF SNOW. god. Anyone would have thought it would be a snowed in situation. I’ve been in NYC when they have snow, and trust – that would be nothing. They’re probably laughing at us.

However despite my complete disbelief at how the country reacted, I do quite like how things all stop and come to a hault at mothernature. it’s profoundly beautiful and reminds us that yeah- there are much more powerful sources at work!

The ice left over from the snow? Well now THAT IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY.


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