busy schedual

I’ve got a crazy week ahead.

– this weekend I’m hoping to write a proposal for Proximity Magazine

– start answering some questions for the application to intern at AREAChicago for September – December 09

– Reconsider my direction, my developement with my artwork

-Finish ‘Prompting the Revolution’ text.

– think for one of my first lessons on Wednesday – that sounds vague, surely I should think all the time – agreed – but this is thinking about what I want to get from it.  Usually at Uni – its classes that kind of direct you into learning how to learn – apposed to actually learning something. In my 2 and half years at college – I’ve only had 1 class (Art&Philosophy) which I have actually been taught and learnt something (something useful at that!). Everything else is me learning myself – which is fine, but sometimes it’s nice 2 get some guidence. Where they pick up my flaws – such as i research too much and write too much, so I need to learn how to edit down and focus. This ALWAYS comes up – if it always comes up, this surely suggests someone needs 2 give me some adviceon how to edit down. I hate those vague sentences. You need to edit down. You just need to develop it. What?!

-Monday I need 2 take some library books back, search for inspiration and meet up with another group in the evening

– Tuesday night I’m performing at OUT OF LINE

– Wednesday night is the PRISM art night

-Thursday night I gotta go home cuz I have a dentist check-up on friday

-Friday the dentist, and then going bizack 2 sheffo for the exhibition opening at CAKE.

Fo’ shizz.


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