Smizz performing at:

For all those who digg my night SLAM JAM at CAKE ARTSPACE, Sheffield. And for all those that have heard how Legend……..(wait for it )………ary, LEGENDARY it is – then you should totally check out the open mic night at the LESCAR in Sheffield, UK on Tuesday 27th Jan.  7:30pm onwards.

I was asked to perform – which is awesome, I have a 5 minute slot to fill – so I’ll probably do some slam poetry. maybe 2. So come and support your local area – slamming it!


Of course don’t forget that the next SLAM POETRY gig at CAKE ARTSPACE is on 17thFeb 2009!!! 7:30. Hope you will be there, ya heard. poster and stuff coming soon.

Today Im chilling after all that institutional testing – and teaching starts back next week – and im gonna be totally indemand in all areas! from CAaD, to studio work – to trying to forge my writing skills together – to tryna educate myself (cuz the education system still kinda sucks even though i am personally paying for it through$$$$$$$$$$$ of debt and creditcards) from my curation collaboration with Chelsea School of Art. and my our show at the Wimbledon Gallery. And then our new class which apparently we have 2 do a seminar every 2 weeks – talk about keeping me on my feet.

Soooooooooooo I’m checking a few movies out- i dunno what the other are yet-  but one of them is totally MILK! fo shizzle


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