No rest for the wicked

So I’ve just had my assessment for studio practice; and it was all good.  I was expecting the worst – I think if I try and really brush up on my editing skills and how I engage in dialogue and discussion I could be a better student. As it is… i’m still a pretty awesome art student. Which is genuinely surprising – still.  But you know there ain’t no rest for the wicked as my mom says (I guess that saying goes way back to justifying the poor working class ). I have to do my MA Research Presentation – which is sort of done, but if i did it how it is right now – i’d get a real shit mark and go over the time allowance.

It needs 2 be simiplieried, more discussion of sources and methodology – and direct. ALL OF WHICH I’m not very good at (we can see this from my blog posts). 

Now I NEED SLEEP. and just a chillin’ out night!

In recent news, should be up and running soon!

And this photographer Jay Harrison has some awesome landscape pictures:


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