Smizz the SLumdog

So the other day I had an awesome birthday – I’ll even go as far to say that it was one of the best! We went to see Slumdog Millionaire – which in all fairness was pretty dope – although i would have to disagree at the nEWS Of The World critic, ” the most feel good movie of the dECADE”

Yeah… erm… no it wasn’t. It was kinda feel good and it was a great watch. So you should all go and check it out. It does put my own life into perspective – I’d say that I’ve come from the UK version of a slumdog. But I would never win who wants to be a millionaire! I’m too busy trying to become an artist… somehow someway. I’m crapping myself for assessment. I don’t know why. Why is a decent grade/mark so important when we all know the best artists where never that amazing at art school?? and if i get a good mark, does that mean I’m not really being an artist – i just know how to tick assessment criteria?

it’s a complicated deal. 

On another note




One thought on “Smizz the SLumdog

  1. Just to throw my two cents in about grades and art school…I don’t know how your school does it, but I know that where I am, grades are very subjective and based on some criteria that encompasses a wider range of value on artistic and creative expression. The way I look at art school is you do what you do, and that’s really all that can happen in the studio to make the grade. If you’ve complete a work that doesn’t meet all the criteria, but satisfies you as an artist, then you leave it as is- and you stand by your work no matter what. You can be an artist and make good grades, probably because part of being an artist is having the right attitude, and if you present yourself with confidence, then that makes your art that much stronger. So my advice is just to put things into perspective. Ask “what do I want” instead of “what does art school want.” And good luck!

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