Today Sheffield was iced up! If it was a rappers chain, they would be blinging and the kind of the iced out chains!

I fell on my ass …. Not once……….. BUT TWICE!

Twice?! Can you believe that???? And not both when walking, the first slip was on my bike. I lookedlike some sort of high professional stunt person.


Anyways i just wanted to share this :

My mom came into my room the other day and was like: ” oh i’ve just watched Maid in Manhattan…”

I’m like, ” errrrr..okay? that movie we checked out at the movies theatre years ago with j-lo in?”

She goes…” …………… OH! I mean Monsters Ball, not Maid in Manhattan…”


How do you get those movies mixed up? I can’t even think as to why you would even assoicate one with another.


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