I got a crush on Obama

Is what I got on my Facebook profile thanks to Shivver’s posting it on my wall.

I’m definiately infactuated with the idea of Obama, this is true. The idea that change and hope have come through – the idea that it SHOULD work this time around. I’m obsessing over the idea that you know, maybe the lil’ people in society – such as the poor single mom, or that poor kid from the block that can’t afford to go to college, or that the old and the young can get healthcare regardless of their income. That people have choice, and good will, and most of all – feel like they are being heard, respected and not lied too. Obviously the latter probably will never happen in a government, but sometimes you can do a better job than what has been currently been done.

So with that in mind, yeah I think this Youtube video is pretty much me – without the Bakini!


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